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I know that a lot of club newsletter editors have a shortage of interetsing articles to publish. Over the years, I've written a lot of articles for various publications, and have decided to write some intended for the use of radio club newsletters. I've generally tried to avoid things that are time dependant, such as announcements for particular competitions and such, though I've also tried to be current. I expect to get new columns up on a somewhat irregular basis, but I'll try to put up new material from time to time.

If your publication does not normally pay for articles, a non-exclusive license is hereby granted for you to include any of the articles on this web page in your newsletter, regardless of whether your newsletter is electronic and/or print, provided that you obey the following rules:
  1. You keep the copyright notice intact.
  2. You mention my web page (
  3. You send me e-mail indicating that you are using the article.
  4. If I am not normally on the distribution list for your publication (that is, I'm not a member of your club), you send me a copy of the newsletter in which my article appears. (I prefer an electronic copy to the e-mail address below, or you may send me a print copy to the address listed in
My e-mail address for such notifications is: clark "at"

If your publication does normally pay for articles, please contact me at the above address, and I'll be happy to rephrase any of the articles below so that they will be unique to your publication (and thus become an exclusive version for your publication).

Here are the articles. You can click on "Subject" to view the article on line (the .HTML version). To get one of the other versions, you'll probably need to use the right-mouse-button ("right-click") and have your browser save it to a file (in Firefox, "Save Link As...", and in Internet Explorer, "Save Target As..."). Note: There is a flaw in Internet Explorer as it obstinantely insists on changing the extension on the .odt files to .zip. OpenOffice Writer can still open them (just be sure to have OpenOffice open the .zip file and not one of the files contained within it).
My Humble Opinion...
(written for the Ham Radio community)
Subject Date completed Open Office Plain text M$ Word
Intro Article 20-April-2011 .odt .txt .doc
Trailer Security 22-April-2011 .odt .txt .doc
Just for the record, I did consider a few other titles for the above columns, such as "Random Propogations" or "Random Emissions", but finally settled on simply "My Humble Opinion..."

One other thought that I'll share: If you're looking for software to use to put together a newsletter, I encourage you to look at Their package has, to my mind, two big advanatages. First is the price -- it's free. Secondly, it is very easy to get it to produce a PDF file. (Just go to the "File" menu and select "Export as PDF".) The one downside I've found is that if you're working on writing a book, it won't deal with endnotes in a manner that is consistant with the Chicago Manual of Style. (Also, the spell checker seems to prefer British spellings for some words, but you can ignore that.)

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