Flashy Morse Badge parts list

Here's the "bill of materials" for the Morse Badge, along with suggested sources:
Qty Description Supplier Model Notes
1 each 3xAAA Battery Holder with Switch Adafruit #727
1 each 5volt Trinket computer Adafruit #1501 (note 1)
3 each Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel (ver. 2) Adafruit #1260 (notes 2, 3)
1 each Analog light sensor (log response) Adafrult #1384
1 each "Bar pin" -- a self-adhesive pin
like you see on the back of
engraved badges.
Micheal's or similar
arts & crafts store
(notes 4, 5)
a few inches Small guage (about 22ga.) stranded wire. SparkFun #PRT-11026
or #PRT-11375
(note 6)
a few inches Double stick foam mounting tape Micheal's,
Ace Hardware,
WalMart, etc.
3 each AAA alkaline batteries Costco, Walgreens, etc.

Note 1: If you think you might be at all likely to do other projects with the Trinket, consider buying Adafruit #1509, which is a multipack of 3 5volt Trinkets and 3 3.3volt Trinkets
Note 2: Be sure to get Version 2 (800kHz) and not Version 1 (400kHz).
Note 3: These come in packs of 4, so you'll end up with a "spare".
Note 4: The one I got came in a pack of 25, for about $3. I found them in the "beads" section.
Note 5: If you go to Michael's, be sure to check the "snail-mail" junk- mail -- they send out a lot of coupons.
Note 6: It can be any flexible wire, and 22 ga. is plenty for the currents involved. Having several colors available is a help. I chopped up some jumper wires designed for use with solderless breadboards (PRT-11026), partly because I first wanted to do a breadboard version.

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