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This is a list of publications that are (to the best of my knowledge) currently available in the United States. There have been some interesting things that I haven't seen in many years, such as Popular Electronics, and some that are not available in (and won't accept subscriptions from) the U.S., so I'm not including them here.

I make no claim that this list is anywhere near complete. I'm sure that there are many other good publications I don't know about, as well as some "not-so-good" ones that I've intentionally left off. I've also intentionally left off some good ones (such as EDN [Electronic Design News] and Spectrum [the IEEE journal]) that are not typically available to the hobbyist.


This is a brief list of magazines that I've seen that I consider worthwhile to the electronics hobbyist. There are probably others, but these will at least give you a starting point.


The list of books that I can, in good conscience, suggest to the hobbyist is fairly short. No doubt that there are a lot of other books that are worthwhile, it's just that with the exception of the ones listed here I haven't used any of them enough to comment on which ones are good and which ones aren't so good.


The listings below are ones that are purely informational, and not trying to sell you anything (at least not directly — some are supported by advertiing).

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